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Minimalistic Display Games SDK

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Welcome to 96px Games.

This is the home of the minimalistic Display Games Library. A Game Library to build games which you can play on minimalistic displays. It is optimized for 96px Displays (12x8) but can be used for all kinds of resolutions. It uses a simple UDP Protocol to transmit the data to the display but also contains a simulator with which you can test your games.

The Library

The documentation of the Library can be found here: Documentation


Usual Setup

Server running the game (or games via selector)

client running the udp server and is connected with hardware



To run the simulator simply execute

python simulator/simulator.py

Example Game

A simplistic example for a game written with this library would be:

# -*- coding: utf8 -*- 

from gamelib.game import *

class SampleGame(Game):

    def __init__(self, ip):
        Game.__init__(self, ip)

        self.characterPositions = [
            Vector(PIXEL_DIM_X-1, 0),
            Vector(PIXEL_DIM_X-1, PIXEL_DIM_Y-1),
            Vector(0, PIXEL_DIM_Y-1)

        self.characterColors = [RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW]

        self.axisVectors = [Vector(0,0),Vector(0,0),Vector(0,0),Vector(0,0)]

        self.characterSpeed = 18

    def update(self, dt):
        Game.update(self, dt)

        for player in range(self.playerCount):
            playerPos = self.characterPositions[player] + ( self.axisVectors[player] * dt ) * self.characterSpeed
            self.characterPositions[player] = Vector(playerPos.x % PIXEL_DIM_X, playerPos.y % PIXEL_DIM_Y)

    def draw(self, rgb):
        Game.draw(self, rgb)

        for i in range(self.playerCount):
            rgb.setPixel(self.characterPositions[i], self.characterColors[i])

    def onAxisChanged(self, player, xAxis, yAxis, previousXAxis, previousYAxis):
        Game.onAxisChanged(self, player, xAxis, yAxis, previousXAxis, previousYAxis)

        self.axisVectors[player] = Vector(xAxis, yAxis)

    def onButtonChanged(self, player, aButton, bButton, previousAButton, previousBButton):
        Game.onButtonChanged(self, player, aButton, bButton, previousAButton, previousBButton)

        print "onButtonChanged"

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print "Starting game"
    sample = SampleGame("")
    print "Stopping game"